Miracle Complies with all Industry Standards

At Miracle Nutritional Products, we have always been committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. That is why we are committed to remaining transparent about our products and practices giving our users a clear look at what sets Miracle Nutritional Products apart from all other CBD companies.

This is how Miracle Nutritional Products complies with all industry standards including federal and state laws.

Purity and Quality

Due to the growing popularity of CBD products, many companies have jumped on the CBD bandwagon hoping to turn a quick profit.With no industry experience and without a qualified team, many of these companies fail to meet basic quality standards. In fact, some brands don’t even offer real CBD. 

At Miracle Nutritional Products, we believe that the product purity and quality is of the utmost importance. We have gathered a team of qualified experts in this industry with years of professional experience. All of our products are third party tested to ensure our products maintain the purity and quality of CBD we promise our customers.

As proof of our commitment to our customers, all Miracle Nutritional Products now include a QR code on their packaging that redirects the customer back to third party tested lab results. 


Federal Level

At the federal level, there is no piece of legislation more important that the 2014 and 2018 farm Bill. Miracle Nutritional Products complies with all regulations in the relative sections of these two farm bills.

State Level

Miracle Nutritional Products complies to Florida State regulation. CBD laws vary by jurisdiction. It is important to check with your own state and comply with its laws. For example, did you know that CBD became legal in Kansas in the summer of 2018? 

Stay Compliant and choose Miracle Nutritional Products.

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