For a country that spends $72 billion a year on its pets, it would follow that some of the biggest trends in health and wellness eventually make their way to the domain of our furry friends.

CBD products are being created for numerous pet supply companies, suppliers as well as online start-ups in chew, oil and treat forms In many cases, companies are re-marketing CBD products for humans as pet-friendly, which people are finding through social media and word of mouth.

The passage of the Farm Bill, which took industrial hemp off the list of schedule I narcotics, has helped lead to a boon in CBD production and marketing, Brenner said. And pet owners have anecdotally reported that CBD has appeared to show similar benefits in pets as it has in humans.

Miracle Nutritional Products carries an extensive line of pet products for cats and dogs as well as their newest equestrian line which includes sugar cubes and CBD Spritz. 


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